ECS Restore FAQs will help you better understand just how amazing ECS Restore is and how it can indeed help you reach your health goals.

Who should use Restore Health Products?
Restore encompasses the power of the highest quality hemp, the highest degree of technology to make it the most bioavailable and then combined additional botanicals to help prime the body to fully fuel it so it can heal itself. In short, everyone should take Restore’s products daily.

What is the best time of day to use Restore’s products?
Restore?s products can be used at any time of the day with or without food. We do highly recommend Restore products be taken at least 2 times daily dividing the desired dose into two and taking twice daily.

Is the full-spectrum hemp oil in Restore Health Products from the US or Europe?
We use the highest quality US-sourced hemp in Restore’s products. Controlling everything from seed to bottle is the only way to insure consistency from one crop to another. The locally sourced hemp is processed in a cutting-edge Kentucky facility, yielding full-spectrum hemp oil as verified by third-party labs. Our hemp is grown through responsible organic growing practices and regenerative farming techniques.

How is the full-spectrum hemp used in Restore?s products extracted?
The hemp is extracted using CO2 compression to produce high quality phytocannabinoid oils.? Our products are all third party tested for pesticides and heavy metals to ensure your body is getting what it is hardwired to need.

Can I take Restore products with prescription medications?
Restore products are best taken away from prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications because of the First Pass Metabolism phenomena that happens with pharmaceuticals. It is preferable to take Restore products first and allow at least 30 minutes or ideally up to 2 hours, before taking medications. If medications must be taken first, it is best to allow 2 hours before taking Restore products for maximum benefit. In general, it is always recommended to speak with an informed and properly educated health care professional regarding changes to your supplement and/or pharmaceutical use.

Do I have to take Restore products for the rest of my life and can I stop taking when I feel better?
Just like brushing your teeth, you don’t HAVE to do it forever, but it is ideal to keep up with healthy habits. Continue taking Restore products for as long as you desire to continue improving upon your health. It is not recommended to stop taking Restore products when you feel better because feeling is often restored prior to function being fully restored. Because of the deficiencies in our diet, toxicities in our environment, and the typical high stress lifestyle, endocannabinoid deficiency is a recognizable widespread epidemic. Providing our endocannabinoid systems with the fuel it needs to fully function is recommended to keep you feeling good and functioning great.

Why does Restore products Cost what they do?
Looking at Restore products as an investment in your health helps take a different perspective on the out-of-pocket cost. With less sick days, reduced doctor visits, and the ability to be more of an active participant in the life you want to live, the potential value in using Restore products far outweighs the cost. Like a gym membership, organic food, or opting for higher quality supplements that don’t contain heavy metals, pesticides, or other toxic ingredients people that value their health and well-being make greater contributions and effort to support themselves with things that add great value to their body and life. Restore products are a worthwhile contribution to your health!

Can children take Restore products?
Yes! The ingredients used in Restore products are considered safe for all ages. For children, especially those under the age of 2, dosage modifications may be necessary and speaking to an informed health care practitioner is recommended.

Can pets take Restore products?
Yes! All the ingredients found in Restore products are safe for pets. Stevia leaf extract as the sweetener in our liquids is considered safe, while xylitol used in many other products is considered toxic to dogs. As we work on a product specific for pets, utilize this ECS Restore FAQs guideline to know your pets are hardwired to need ECS Restore as well.

Will Restore Health?s Products get me high?
No. The hemp oil contained in Restore’s products is derived from hemp, which means that it contains more than 1000 times less than Federal limit of 0.3% THC.? Marijuana contains much higher levels of THC 8-15% or more than 60 times the amount legally allowed in hemp. THC is the component of marijuana that causes the ?high? feeling. Unlike marijuana, hemp is not psychoactive. For even more information, also see our industry FAQ.

If you have additional questions, please let us know and we will be happy to answer them and update this ECS Restore FAQs document to help others.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Restore products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Restore products ARE intended to properly fuel your body so that your body can heal itself as it was designed.