We hear the wild medical claims being made about hemp oil and CBD.  The reason they are wild is because many of them simply are not true in any sense.  The founders of Restore Health 101 have been in the hemp industry for several years.  We began research and development for our own products in mid 2018 for several reasons.

  • The industry has issues with the truth and people deserve to know the facts so they can Restore their health.
  • The industry is plagued with inferior products and people deserve top quality products so they can Restore their health.
  • If people are given the correct information and the best products that can be developed, millions and millions of people can Restore their health.

In 2018, we rolled out our first product called ECS Restore.  It is like the multi-vitamin for your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  It has been designed to be extremely bioavailable, up to 30 times greater than other products.  It has been designed to be put to work fueling your ECS so your body can Restore your health.

ECS Restore is a Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil that is a supplement and therefore is not intended to cure, mitigate or treat disease.  You can search the internet and clinical study sites like https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ and https://www.nih.gov/ to find the thousands and thousands of studies done on hemp and CBD with specific conditions.

Here at Restore Health 101 we have realized that no matter who says hemp products have any direct effect on any health condition, simply have no clue.  Let’s state without reservation, Hemp is the most amazing plant that our bodies are hardwired to need.  It is a super food that does one thing better than anything else. It fuels our body’s Endocannabinoid System so that our bodies can do what they were designed to do, heal thyself! 

Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

When looking at ECS Restore, the key components that separate us from anything else out there are:

  • ECS Restore is made with the highest quality organic hemp and other organic plant materials.
  • ECS Restore is Full Spectrum meaning it is made from the whole plant.
  • ECS Restore is water friendly with nearly complete absorption (Nothing Compares)
    1. Proprietary technologies provide almost 100% absorption.
    2. Other oils absorb 3-6%
  • ECS Restore is packed with other proprietary botanicals that are designed to prime your body to fully utilize the amazing hemp oil packed full of the amazing cannabinoids like CBD.
Pain Sucks

If that is all we ever created, we could help millions and millions of people right here in the USA Restore their Health.  That is just simply not who we are.  We want to develop products that help ALL Americans.   We found after we launched ECS Restore that many people that were experiencing menopause symptoms were finding great relief. 

Diving a bit deeper into our research, we found that if we combined all of the goodness found in ECS Restore with additional phytoestrogen (Plant Based Estrogens) and used our amazing technology to help make them absorbable by the body, we could help ALL woman suffering from menopause and perimenopause.

We certainly had some challenges with making these plant-based materials absorbable, but when Dr. Rich submitted the final formula, it was simply amazing.  Estro Restore is like nothing else on the market.  It is so incredible, we are able to offer our 90 day guarantee, just like on ECS Restore.

Put simply, Estro Restore is the most unique approach to women’s healthcare ever.  It is the best of the best and designed for every woman experiencing or approaching the menopause years.  To be blunt, no one wants to suffer the symptoms of menopause and/or perimenopause.  Now no one has to. Find out for yourself – Shop today www.RestoreHealthWithHemp.com.