Co-Founder Paul Crouse and Dr. Lauren cover why you should chose to partner with Restore Health for your health and wellness needs. Restore Health 101 is committed to helping you Restore Your Health!

Paul Crouse, Co-Founder of Restore Health 101, is an experienced entrepreneur that has been involved in the hemp industry since early on in the revitalization of hemp in the USA. The whole purpose of forming Restore Health 101 was to create products that everyone could take and everyone could receive the benefits from. It is equally important to be able to provide the real truth that the health and wellness industry has been less than forthright about. We are committed to providing the highest quality, most effective health and wellness products available anywhere.

Get to know Dr Lauren Benakovich DC, ICAK

I was born and raised in my family’s health food store (Georgetown Market) in Indianapolis, IN. The seeds for optimal health were planted early on. As a child I was also raised with the hands-on healing art of chiropractic that blended beautifully into my roots. I continued growing into the field and became a chiropractor in 2007 (thank you Logan College of Chiropractic).

Throughout the years I have taken a special interest in holistic care for young families … beginning my own family in 2013 with a fairly rough start launched me into the field of functional medicine to heal my son. I am now blessed with the opportunity to facilitate the growth of four children (Noah, Hunter, Kylie and Clara) with the help of many … especially my husband, Isaiah. 

I chose a long time ago to pursue a path where I could serve and inspire others in living a better life through safe and natural ways. I am humble enough to know that I do not have all the answers, but also have a passion for learning. As we continue to discover more about the endocannabinoid system, my hope is that our world can awaken to the amazing healing power