I’ve been recommending supplements for almost 20 years and something that has become incredibly obvious with people that experience the expected results verses people that fail to “feel the difference” is often directly linked to one of the following criteria:

  1. How they take it
  2. When they take it
  3. How long they “try” it

Please note that we are referring to dosing and use of our full spectrum hemp oil, ECS Restore.  This is much different that hemp seed oil.  It does not come from marijuana.  It is absolutely not a CBD isolate product (which can only be sold as a pharmaceutical now and is illegal to sell as a supplement now).

So let’s talk ECS RESTORE.

Even if you have tried other hemp or CBD products, I honestly think it’s worth trying ECS Restore because it is so different than using the typical oil based products or capsules that both have absorption barriers and unlike other liposomal products are clean and potent.  We test every batch for purity and potency and have even tested other water-friendly products and I am so pleased to say that it is taking the lead from other products I have experience with.

How To Take It

First, make sure you gently shake the bottle to disperse and mix the cannabinoids well.  Squeeze the top of the dropper a few times as you shake.

A big key to maximizing the absorption and bioavailability of ECS Restore is to hold it in your mouth, preferably under your tongue, for a minimum of 30 seconds and ideally closer to 60 seconds before swallowing. The thin mucosal lining of your mouth allows the cannabinoids to enter directly into the circulatory system rather than traveling through the digestive tract first.

Taking CBD-containing hemp oil seems to have better results when taken on a full stomach which seems to slow the clearance of cannabinoids out of your system, leaving them in your system for prolonged activation as apposed to a fasting state.

Another important consideration when taking hemp oil is to avoid taking it directly with medications due to the “first-pass effect” of many drugs.  This means that before a drug reaches the systemic circulation where it will be delivered to the target tissue, it first must pass through the liver.  The first-pass effect can have a drastic effect on the drug’s concentration as it passes through the liver, leaving it significantly “weaker” as a portion of it is metabolized.

Simply put … if you take supplements with medications, there is a high possibility that the supplement will also be impacted by this phenomenon.

This is why we strongly suggest that our product be taking at least 2 hours away from any medication for maximum efficacy.  If that is not a feasible option for you, the bare minimum recommendation is 30 minutes away from drugs.

When To Take It

I’ve treated a lot of sensitive patients so I’m going to break this into two subsets of people here:  the “generally tolerated” population and the “sensitive” population.  You likely already know which one you are!


The recommended starting dose is 1 mL which contains at least 12 mg of full spectrum hemp oil (8mg is CBD and the minor cannabinoids account for the remaining 4 mg).

Split dosing is a popular recommendation for hemp oil.  Reason being that we are wanting to keep cannabinoid levels up so the ECS is activate 24 hours a day to do its job of keeping us in balance all day and all night.  This is the most ideal dosing suggestion if you are able to prioritize taking it twice a day.

Here’s what that should look like:

  1. Take ½ mL after breakfast (remember to take away from meds!)
  2. Take ½ mL after dinner


Repeat daily for at least 3 days.

If you don’t “feel” any difference and want to build cannabinoid counts more quickly to replenish a depleted system, you can increase the dose to ¾ mL in the morning and ¾ mL in the evening before bed.

Stay at this dose for one week.

If you still don’t notice any difference, you can again increase your dose to 1 mL twice a day for a full dose of 2 mL per day.  Some people do require high doses to treat extreme or chronic conditions.  Please feel free to contact us if you reach 3 mL per day and still experience no change.


I have had some patients that needed to start with 1 drop per day and maintain that dose for a week or sometimes several weeks before being able to increase the dose.  I typically suggest the sensitive population to take the first dose in the evening, preferably on a day that they do not have to work or be active the following day.

How Long to “Try” It

Give it a bare minimum of 30 days but I typically suggest to my patients that they put in a full effort for 90 days.  Many tissues and cells are “turned over” in this time period and it gives your body the opportunity to be working from a new, improved cellular “blueprint” with a more activated ECS.

I’ve had many patients tell me they didn’t feel something was working.  Once they put in their 90 days, I would advise them to discontinue the product and pay close attention.  The majority at that point would then begin to realize that they actually were experiencing benefits that they were not aware of until the support was removed.

So stick with it! Give it a solid effort. And with every dose, remember what the product is delivering to you and what a fully engaged ECS provides you! For more on ECS Restore dosing check out this page>>>

ECS Restore Full Spectrum Hemp Oil