My name is Paul Crouse, Co-Founder of Restore Health 101 LLC. Several years ago, I had gotten involved with a network marketing company. I have been an entrepreneur for 30 plus years and the business model of this company was unique.

Within just a few months of getting involved, the company rolled out a full spectrum hemp oil product. It was obviously one of the first to market and it was definitely one of the first water friendly products in the US.

My first experience with full spectrum hemp oil was amazing. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I had been dealing with extreme chronic pain and within one day, my pains were relieved by over 90%.

Still growing my network business, I developed an eCommerce site to sell the hemp oil. Month after month, it continued to grow. Soon, I was more focused on product sells then growing the networking business. It was great, changing lives and making money doing it. Think about it, the more people we were able to help, the more we made. Gotta love Capitalism right

Things were great from a business perspective, my health and many many other’s health as well. However, in 2018, I realized either we didn’t have all the information about this amazing product or there was just a better way. After all, our bodies are hardwired to need hemp oil.

Throughout my eCommerce sells, we had learned that about 1/3 of everyone taking the top 2% type products got amazing life changing results. Another 1/3 of the people did see some results, but not everything they had hoped for. Then the last 1/3 simply did not notice any results.

Why is this?? We KNOW without doubt that when our bodies are balanced or in homeostasis, it will heal itself. Our bodies achieve homeostasis when our internal endocannabinoid system, also known simply as our ECS, is fueled and it is fueled with cannabinoids. When our body cannot produce it’s own cannabinoids, we can supplement with a nearly bioidentical phyto or plant based cannabinoid rich plant extract known as hemp oil.

So we take Hemp oil to supplement what our bodies are not getting from our food supply and still we have the 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3 scenario. Why is that?? It boils down to three factors.

First, Hemp oil is the extract of the whole hemp plant. While we hear the term CBD oil a lot, understand that Hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same. They both come from the hemp plant, but CBD oil is only one tiny piece of what is in the hemp plant while hemp oil is everything in the hemp plant, including the CBD. Why take only CBD when you can have all the goodness found in the hemp plant that includes CBD.

Second, hemp oil is oil and our bodies do not absorb oils very well. Hemp oil absorbs at only 3-6%. In other words, your body can only use about 3-6% of the raw hemp oil you ingest. Purchasing raw hemp oil is like investing $100 and only getting $3-$6 in value.

To overcome this obviously horrific problem, we can turn to technology to help make the oil appear more like water than oil. Some call this making it Water Soluble, but I prefer the term water friendly. Although there are vast differences in technology, knowledge, practices and abilities, a water friendly product is by far better for everyone than a raw oil product. It increases the absorption of the hemp oil to 40% to as much as 99% for companies that really learn to produce the highest quality absorption techniques.

Third, every one of us is unique and because of this, each of our bodies ingest, absorb and use everything we take differently. For sake of argument, assume that all companies are selling the highest quality organically grown hemp oil that has been made identically water friendly.? You will still find the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 phenomenon.

When my partner and I found the reason why and the solution, we immediately began full research and development of the highest quality hemp-based product ever produced. This little or even unknown problem lies within each of us. Many of us, as much as 2/3, have hormones that are suppressing the fuels we are trying to use to feed our ECS.? Because of this, the 2/3rds who experience little to no benefits taking hemp oil think hemp oil doesn’t work. Fact is, their bodies are holding them back from experiencing the life changing or Restoring they could be getting.

What we found was shocking. There are other botanicals that help our bodies regulate those negative hormones. By combining them with organically grown hemp oil that has been produced to be the highest quality water friendly product ever created, you have the ingredients for every person in the good ole USA to have the solution to truly and fully fuel their endocannabinoid system.